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Reconstructing stimulus velocity from neuronal responses
in areas MT and V1 in the monkey

Wyeth Bair, James R. Cavanaugh, J. Anthony Movshon

Howard Hughes Medical Institute and
Center for Neural Science, New York University

We employed a white-noise velocity signal to study the dynamics of the response of direction selective neurons in cortical areas MT and V1 in the macaque. Responses were quantified using reverse correlation, optimal linear reconstruction filters, and reconstruction signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The rate of information transmission and the quality of reconstruction in MT and V1 and from a motion energy model will be compared. We found that the temporal window of integration changes with the temporal frequency, or the speed, of the stimulus. In particular, the window is narrower for faster movement of a particular spatial pattern.

Tony Zador
Wed Mar 12 22:07:02 PST 1997