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Decoding place cells in the hippocampus

Terrence J. Sejnowskitex2html_wrap_inline524, Kechen Zhangtex2html_wrap_inline524, Iris Ginzburgtex2html_wrap_inline524, and Bruce McNaughtontex2html_wrap_inline528

tex2html_wrap_inline524Salk Institute and
tex2html_wrap_inline528University of Arizona, Tucson

Reconstruction or decoding is an inverse problem in which physical variables are estimated from observed neural activity. The accuracy of two methods for reconstruction, probabilistic and basis function methods are compared on the reconstruction of the full trajectory of freely moving rats using spike timing data of simultaneously recorded hippocampal place cells. The theoretical limits on reconstruction accuracy estimated from Fisher information are compared with the actual performances of the reconstruction methods. The lowest reconstruction errors for Bayesian methods were within a factor of two of the information-theoretic limit, comparable with the intrinsic experimental errors in tracking. Both reconstruction methods can be implemented by feedforward neural networks.

Tony Zador
Wed Mar 12 22:07:02 PST 1997