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Pam Reinagel

Harvard University

Visual stimulus statistics and the reliability of spike timing in the LGN

We have estimated the information rates of LGN neurons by measuring the reproducibility of responses to dynamic stimuli. We found that LGN cells were capable of transmitting more than 5 bits/spike and more than 100 bits/second about time-varying stimuli. Visual information was encoded by precise spike timing to a resolution of 1 ms or better. In general, the discriminability of a set of stimuli depends on the ensemble from which the stimuli are drawn. A comparison of the response reliability for three types of full-field dynamic stimuli will be discussed: (1) natural time sequences, (2) time-randomized versions of the natural time sequences (tex2html_wrap_inline235white spectrum), and (3) phase randomized versions of the natural time sequences (tex2html_wrap_inline2351/f spectrum).

Tony Zador
Sat Mar 27 10:58:21 PST 1999