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Learning and Neural Plasticity: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches

March 4-March 7, 2000

Grindelwald, Switzerland


To bring together experimental and theoretical neuroscientists for a small (~60 people) intensive three day workshop, similar to the ones held in previous years at Big Sky (NIC99), Snowbird (NIC97) and Jackson Hole ( NIC96). The emphasis will be on how new experimental and theoretical approaches can be combined to understand learning and plasiticity in the nervous system -- and how these results influence our general thinking about neural coding and information processing.


The format will be similar to previous years: morning sessions from 8-12, ski break to 6 pm (non-skiers work or chat during this time), dinner from 6:00 to 7:30, evening sessions from 7:30-9:20. Talks will be 40 minutes each, with 15 minutes for questions (by keeping the group small, we hope to encourage lively discussions). There will also be one evening poster session.


Tobias Bonhoeffer (Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology)
John Hopfield (Princeton University)
Christof Koch (Caltech)
Chuck Stevens (Salk Institute)
David Willshaw (University of Edinburgh)


Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL)
Andreas Herz (ITB)
Tony Zador (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)


Grindelwald, Switzerland.

Grindelwald is a Swiss village located below the famous Eiger North Face. For general info, click here.

Grindelwald is about 3 hours from Zurich airport with excellent hourly train connection. The train passes the scenic lake of `Interlaken' before it climbs up to Grindelwald which is at an altitude of 1000 m. Train connections every hour direct from the Zurich airport. For train schedules, click here.


From Saturday, March 4 (6 pm dinner, followed by an evening session) to Tuesday (all day, including evening until 10:00 pm), March 7, 2000.


This workshop is by invitation only. Everyone invited is encouraged to present a poster. If you plan to present a poster and would like the abstract included in the program, please mail it to us no later than February 1, 2000. If you are interested in presenting orally, please let us know as soon as possible, and certainly no later than Dec. 15, 2000; please include a title and, if desired, a short abstract. Oral presentations with a strong experimental component will be given preference.


Conference registration (including meals), if received by Dec. 15: Hotel (4 nights; please include the booking code: "nice2000"):

Only a limited number of double occupancy rooms are available, so reserve ASAP if you prefer this option. Additional nights are: 112 SFr (~80$) incl. breakfast.

Some TRAVEL GRANTS may become available; please let us know if you really need one.


ROOM RESERVATIONS are made with the hotel. When making your reservation: (1) please include the booking code, "nice2000"; (2) specify single or double occupancy; and (3) please ask for either Ms. Rother or Mr. Stoldt: The REGISTRATION FEE is collected in a separate account. Send checks to Please make checks payable to 'Sorensen Travel'. They can accept credit cards for a 3% surcharge. They also offer DISCOUNT AIRFARES for this conference, and would be happy to make all your travel arrangements (ask for 'Nancy').


Non-skiers can check out the special winter hiking trails which are extremely nice. Non-skiers can also take a train (with gears/cog-wheels) up to the Jungfrau-Joch: impressive ride through the Eiger North face (with a stop to look out of a window in the rock) and a spectacular view over the glacier once you are at the top (named `the top of Europe').

For more information, contact the organizers: Tony Zador (, Andreas Herz (, or Wulfram Gerstner (

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