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Shared and Private Variability in the Auditory Cortex.
DeWeese MR, Zador AM
J Neurophysiol 2004 Apr 28 [abstract on PubMed] [related articles]
Selected by | Pamela Reinagel
Evaluated 25 May 2004
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Pamela Reinagel
Harvard Medical School, United States

New Finding
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Shows that neural responses in auditory cortex are much more reliable than previously believed; what variability exists is mainly due to shared network activity. The authors obtained beautiful in-vivo whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in the auditory cortex to measure the variability of the subthreshold activity of cells. Simultaneous measurements of local field potential provided an independent measure of network activity. These novel data made possible the conceptual advance of distinguishing between "private" and "shared" sources of neural variability. The results go against the dogma that cortical neurons are necessarily variable, and challenge the assumption that variability is necessarily "noise".

Evaluated 25 May 2004
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