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Binary spiking in auditory cortex.
DeWeese MR, Wehr M, Zador AM
J Neurosci 2003 Aug 27 23(21):7940-9 [abstract on PubMed] [related articles] [order article]
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First evaluation 1 Sep 2003 | Latest evaluation 27 Oct 2003
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Pamela Reinagel
Harvard Medical School, United States

New Finding
Tech Advance
Neurons in auditory cortex were found to fire either 0 or 1 spike in response to auditory stimuli, resulting in very high (in some cases perfect) reliability. This discovery depended on using cell-attached recording techniques to obtain well isolated single units; multi-unit extracellular recordings in A1 showed high variability. This binary firing is very different from the highly variable responses found in visual cortical neurons, even for perfectly isolated single units with similarly transient responses.

Evaluated 27 Oct 2003
Fred Rieke
University of Washington, United States

New Finding
Demonstrates that neurons in auditory cortex can respond nearly deterministically to a repeated stimulus. Unlike cells in some areas of visual cortex, which show high variability in the number of spikes elicited by a repeated stimulus, many cells reported here respond with 0 or 1, but essentially never 2, spikes. Thus, the responses of these cells fail to show the noise expected from Poisson statistics. Modeling suggests that this low variability is not explained by refractoriness.

Evaluated 1 Sep 2003
Faculty Comments

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